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The days of sending generic, incomplete messages to numerous lists of email recipients, just for the sake of doing so, have quickly become extinct. Look no further than how the 2020 political campaigns have unwittingly placed a spotlight on the importance, and potential pratfalls, of email marketing.


The forward-thinking campaigns have a firm grasp of their target audiences' geographic locations, donation history, etc., through analytics, audience testing and other effective research methods.


On the flip side, a number of fleeting campaigns have exhibited a lack of execution with simple details, namely the correct listing of a person's name or address, their voting preferences or penchant for delivering consistent messaging on a daily/weekly level.


The same holds true for other American businesses: Very few things hold greater power than creative, useful and eminently correct information being strategically disseminated to mass audiences; and Klosable Digital Marketing has the resource tools to ensure timely execution of this process.

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