What can hair and nail business owners get from Online marketing?

Beauty salons, Lash Salons, wellness centers, spas, nail salons, and other beauty providers are all locked in a frantic battle to win over customers Online, on downtown streets, and in shopping malls. But with access to Online marketing strategies, your salon can communicate with more potential customers across a wider area than traditional marketing can.

Getting New Clients & Client Retention

Getting new clients is something every salon wants, that's why we're here with innovative marketing tactics that bring in new clients, gains new followers on social media, and increase your website traffic that's specific to your salon.   Client retention is the most important part of your business and we know how to keep your current customers happy, and how to fix problems that may arise before they are publicly posted.  We teach your customers how to be raving fans and promote your business effortlessly.

Overview of Salon Digital Marketing Essentials

Even if you have an amazing website, getting new walk-ins will continue to be a struggle if no one knows you exist. As a business owner, you must advertise across all devices to get new customers and increase recurring visits from past customers. One marketing channel alone cannot do this. Paying to get your website promoted in Google is more effective when supported by non-paid search strategies like SEO. And getting in front of the right people at the right time is just as critical as showing up in Google, which is best achieved through complete digital marketing solution. Our beauty salon marketing solutions can help your salon generate more online-booked appointments and overall foot traffic, driving revenue growth and brand awareness. With our review marketing services, you will be able to easily monitor, analyze, and strengthen your salon’s online reputation.

Take Control Of Your Online Presence 

The Klosable team will work with you to ensure that new and existing customers can easily find your business online. Through our website development, SEO and local listing services, we’ll improve your website’s rankings on search engines and directories, optimizing your ability to show up in front of folks searching online for local beauty salons.  

We promote your brand by putting your best face forward 

The success to your business is reaching the desired customers at the right time.

We will create, design and execute specialized campaigns targeting customers when they are looking for your services. Identify the most suitable digital strategies to promote your unique brand, increase walk-ins and boast your salon reviews.

Get a complete makeover of your brand  

One of the biggest challenges for Salons and Spas is to thrive in an extremely competitive environment to promote their services. Most of the people either search for a salon or spa on search engines and are willing to go based on online reviews. It has become imperative for salons and spas to promote their business online with the help of a professional Digital Marketing Agency that has the relevant experience, understanding of their business and expertise to help them grow their establishment.

Targeted Advertising

Our custom ad campaigns target specific types of online users based on age, location, device, income, keywords, and more! Using your salon’s existing customer list, we can target online users that share similar demographics, as well as lapsed customers you’d like back in your beauty salon!

Popular Services Designed for Hair & Nail Salon & Spa

Automated marketing; SMS/Text Marketing, Geo-Fencing, Mobile Wallet Coupons and E-mail Marketing. Popular marketing, business products and website hosting services that will retain and grow your business.

Social Marketing

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e-Commerce Solutions

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We offer individual services or bundle them for great discounts. 

Building loyalty and solidifying relationships with your local customers is a big part of your business model as a nail or hair salon owner. You know better than anyone else how crucial those connections are. For that, you need a powerful online marketing presence to hone your brand identity, share your story with customers online, provide fresh content and promotions, offer incentives and manage online feedback. Businesses like yours within the service industry compete fiercely with one another. But with digital marketing services under your belt, you're positioning your business in the best way possible to not only reach new customers but rank higher in search engine results. Ready to grow your customer base? Professional digital marketing services from Tactical-Moves can help. That's because we work with many hair, lash, and nail salon shop owners just like you and know what works!!!

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