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The first 25 years of modern-day digital marketing — coinciding with the explosion of mainstream Internet access — have been a fascinating experience for American and globally recognized businesses.

• Landmark changes with how customers and businesses interact, communicate and broker deals.

• Innovative methods for establishing, promoting and maintaining brand loyalty.

• Mind-blowing technological improvements with high-speed Web connectivity, along with the devices used for consuming and processing information.

On the flip side, the world of digital marketing still resembles America’s Old West frontier of the mid-1800s. As in, there isn’t much accountability with digital firms — some tapping into various markets for the first time — promising unprecedented success to customers entering through the front door … but invariably falling short on the back end, due to a combination of creating unrealistic expectations and lacking the ingenuity to convert raw business resources into tangible results.

Klosable Digital Marketing seeks to put a timely end to this Wild West-like farce of over-promising results and under-delivering with the bottom line. The new breed of potential customers and clients have reached a heightened level of sophistication, in terms of demanding greater value with their investment, dollar for dollar, and comprehending that not all forms of target marketing will survive the next 25 years of digital innovation.

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Klosable partnered with Family First Home Care to create a digital marketing strategy for human capital acquisition. We rebuilt the website and implemented SEO, as well as launched a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook. Our full-scale sponsored advertising campaign generated 200 high-quality nurse leads in less than four weeks.

“The Klosable team exceeded our expectations every step of the way. The communication is always clear and timely; and we continue to feel like our business remains Klosable’s top priority each and every day.”

Doug Drabina, Chief Development Officer

Klosable partnered with Team Blaze Century 21 to sell residential real estate in Charlotte County, Florida. Klosable developed and integrated an entire CRM with automated re-targeting and drip marketing campaigns for the leads developed from the full-scale sponsored advertising campaign on Facebook.

“Klosable’s targeted campaign generated 1,000 leads, 273 customers and 35 transactions, resulting in more than $10 million in real estate sales. Their team have been a great partner every step of the way. Highly recommend.”

Roger Brandon Wilson, Team Lead

The Klosable team partnered with Acuity  to completely overhaul their presence in the digital landscape including entirely new branding, website design and development, social media management, email marketing, as well as social media advertising for human capital within the healthcare industry.

“The team at Klosable has done an absolutely amazing job in designing and developing our website, generating human capital through FB advertising, and managing our social media and email marketing. We highly recommend them for any and all digital marketing needs!”

Steve Anderson, Managing Partner

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