Platform Influence

Klosable Digital Marketing offers superb access to a diverse pool of social-media influencers. This specialty group includes industry titans, modern-day celebrities, expert authorities, forward-thinking executives, connected journalists/broadcasters/bloggers and other artisans whose social-media-messaging track record transcends the realms of business, technology, entertainment, law, health care, human resources, sports or education.  This process gives Klosable the requisite flexibility to tap into each client's particular branding style in relatively short order, accounting for 'influencing' potential. 

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing.

The early days of social media marketing, in terms of posting various messages on Twitter or Facebook at specific times (9 a.m., 12 noon, 3 p.m., 6 p.m. during a given business day), have quickly become obsolete.

Breakthrough Results

Today's social media clients expect greater bang for their respective buck, and Klosable Digital Marketing has the resources, expertise, bandwidth and creative passion to produce breakthrough results for each client.

Connecting with Audiences

Looking to generate buzz with a new product or tagline? Through various communication platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.), Klosable offers detailed plans for connecting with audiences — holding their attention for tangible amounts of time and building a crescendo of engaging hype, thus leading to the big reveal.

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Video Production
Maximizing your Potential

At Klosable Digital Marketing, we're simultaneously blown away and perplexed by the recent surge of video-based marketing initiatives. From a feel-good standpoint, we're thrilled companies are finally maximizing the potential of their respective YouTube channels (or other video platforms), through the execution of engaging and enlightening content which be consumed at any time, any place.

Stay ahead of the Curve

On the flip side, we're surprised that so many firms took this long to incorporate video-based elements into their overall messaging. The Internet has essentially been a mainstream luxury for 25 years; and smartphones have been a universally endorsed innovation for 10-15 years.

Klosable has been ahead of the curve for some time.

Global Production Teams

We have access to high-quality production teams throughout the globe, and would require minimal time to green-light video projects for our valued clientele.

From a dollar-for-dollar perspective, it remains one of the most effective means for bringing cohesive messages to mass audiences.

In-House Hypotheticals

Klosable's skilled, experienced and highly creative team of in-house marketers have helped a number of clients take their YouTube channels to unprecedented heights, through the underrated, but timeless art of developing cutting-edge programming that stands out above the competition. For example, if a nationally renowned restaurant chain wanted to expand its brand messaging in the realm of sports, namely big-ticket events involving football, basketball, hockey, baseball or soccer, Klosable would develop a wide-ranging plan of marketing goodness, highlighted by a series of vignettes designed for viewer retention and increasing foot traffic on game days.

The in-house videos might include:

AAnecdotal Means

Anecdotal means for selling the core components of that restaurant chain.

BPromoting the Virtues

Spotlighting the duties of various employees, promoting the virtues of becoming an integral part of an iconic franchise.

CBecoming Insightful

Broaching timely topics, relative to each sport, through humorous and insightful means.


Relying on celebrity endorsers for broad-based initiatives or promotions.

EExceptional Content

Tantalizing audiences with sustainable daily content that has no peer in the restaurant industry (expert fantasy football/baseball/basketball/soccer content).

Gaming Resources

Klosable Digital Marketing has plenty of partnership ties with companies in the sporting realm; and as part of that, we freely acknowledge the explosive impact of online gaming, a billion-dollar industry played by millions of people ... with numbers that won't be going down anytime soon. Each Klosable consultant offers a wealth of experience, prestige and connectivity into the gaming realm, providing a level of personal service that can neither be matched nor replicated when retaining a client's business interests for subsequent projects. And within this mode of premium access, we're typically just a phone call away from putting a prospective gamer, gaming creator or TV executive in the room with blue-chip decision-makers.


The Klosable team boasts premium access to coaches, players, league officials, TV/radio/Web conglomerates, tournament organizers, team executives and high-profile sports media personnel throughout the sporting world.

How did we build this supreme network of talented and dedicated leaders?

And how does it translate to maximizing the art of bringing social-media prestige to tangential sports clients ... at the optimum time?

Klosable and its plugged-in partners execute hard-target searches of prominent fits with each business opportunity, identifying and then leveraging the best ways to communicate messaging with specific target audiences, through various platforms.

Sports Influencers


Klosable and its plugged-in partners execute hard-target searches of prominent fits with each business opportunity, identifying and then leveraging the best ways to communicate messaging with specific target audiences, through various platforms.
logo Design and re-Development

Google the logos of any fast-food chain with a robust history of 40, 50 or even 60 years (think golden arches). Right away, you'll notice how the identifiers for each franchise have undergone tweaks throughout the decades, often reflective of cultural changes in American society. Along those lines, Google old main-street photos with plenty of commerce from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and you'll quickly realize the up-front presentation of nearly every store has undergone definitive changes, as well.


When living in the moment, these adjustments seem subtle; but when viewing it through the prism of decades ago, it's amazing to see how some Grade-A companies have mastered the art of reinvention every 10 or 15 years.

Bottom Line

Klosable Digital Marketing understands the Great Whiteboard Of Marketing Ideas can always be tweaked and rebuilt, but a building-block logo often sets the tone for everything. It drives competitive companies to continually push the proverbial envelope with expansion, experimentation and execution.

Expert Management

What keeps these major brands in the national/global conscience for roughly a half-century? Expert management and timely product delivery, of course. Here's another reason: Maintaining the bedrock essence of an original logo often promotes a 'timeless' quality with certain brands, while serving a customer base that's equally enthused by nostalgic acts and future innovations.

Yes, a great logo can be a true difference-maker in that area.

facebook ad strategies

Facebook accounts for nearly 3 billion searches per day and registers more than 2 trillion user posts in a given day.

All told, Facebook owns a substantial stake of the global digital advertising market, at roughly 20 percent worldwide. These staggering figures help fortify and motivate an ever-expanding base of nearly 6 million Facebook advertisers, with the vast majority of marketers using every tool within Facebook's arsenal to garner more brand exposure. Klosable Digital Marketing has intimate knowledge of what makes Facebook one of the world's most powerful brands.

Our dynamic team of creative strategists are driven by the notion of conceiving high-performance campaigns for its clients, regardless of size, providing scalable, information-rich content and media to a captive audience.

Google Pay-Per-Click

Looking to optimize your Return On Ad Spend quotient in a short period of time? Paid searches are nearly 80 percent more effective when paired with Facebook advertising campaigns, compared to standalone searches. For dynamic companies like Klosable, this enhanced exposure has contributed to an 8-percent yield bump with Click Through Rate (CTR). With Facebook ads, the Cost Per Click rate provides plenty of bang for buck, at a tidy price of less than 15 cents per click — putting Klosable among the industry leaders with CPC optimization. The primary message: There has never been a better time to cultivate customers and build relationships through Facebook advertising services; and Klosable has the insight, acumen and creativity to maximize customer impact within this process.


t's all part of Klosable's unwavering mission to bring a hyper-focused approach to the digital global marketplace.

Mobile App Marketing

The everyday smartphone consumer could have as many as 25-30 apps on their respective devices, with the vast majority of apps being used on a daily or weekly level. At the core, it's certainly the primary objective of every business that delves into app technology.

Ad Revenue Streams

The models for maximizing such an undertaking can vary: Some companies have the clout/staying power to charge an initial fee for users downloading the app and then accessing the built-in features. Others cite engagement as their primary hook for attracting streams of ad revenue.

Monetizing Product Performance

Either way, Klosable Digital Marketing has the technological and logistical capacity to help companies of varying size launch their app projects, while opening up the aforementioned avenues for monetizing product performance.

Content creation to keep customers engaged

We also have the creative means for convincing consumers to expand their usage of the app, converting novice users to weekly users, weekly users to daily users, and daily users to those who ritualistically check in 4-5 times a day (even holidays), through top-notch promotions, value-added features and layers of content creation that has few industry peers.

The Klosable team has developed a bot system for understanding and accommodating the hour-by-hour needs of its customers, while also providing round-the-clock service to prospective marketers.

Through real-time data collection and analysis, Klosable's versatile bots provide a wealth of enticement services, including the proliferation of instant chat modules for consumers, detailing price points, order placements, marketing trends and the overall suite of services. There's no substitute for timely information in today's global digital marketplace. The bots are a must-have for current and prospective customers. For example, they'd have full knowledge of the impending changes with Facebook marketing — namely creative restrictions to ads in the mobile news feed.