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Bring in more patients in less time with a full-funnel engagement approach. We offer a 100% unique, end-to-end marketing and sales program for medical practices that are looking to elevate their practice to new levels of profitability and productivity.

Are you tired of getting mixed up with your competitor down the street? Do you feel like patients just don’t get your practice? We can help you build your messaging platform without all the fluff and agency-speak. This is your chance to clarify your message to patients once and for all in a one-day workshop with our experienced strategists.

Get your message right (the first time)

Who are you and why would a customer or patient choose you? If you can’t articulate that in 10 seconds or less, chances are that no one else can, either.  

How We Do It

We make this quick and painless. We get in a room with you and your key decision-makers to uncover who your customer is, what they want, and how to differentiate your practice… all in one day. That’s not a typo. You walk away with clear messaging the entire team is bought in on and plans for actual marketing pieces you need. 

Brand Identity

We’be been doing this too long to be under the delusion that a logo or font choice will make or break you in the healthcare industry, but a great brand identity can go a long way in building perceived legitimacy and consumer trust, and it shouldn’t’t be ignored.  

Logo Design

From logos and letterhead to digital ad layouts, from business cards to internal brand identity guides… yes, we do all that. Looking to refresh your brand image, or maybe you’re starting a brand new practice? With branding, our goal is to help you look great and be memorable while remaining true to the reason you do what you do. 

Essential Business Tactics x

  • Rapid Patient Acquisition Program
  • Medical Practice Websites
  • Website Design & Development
  • Over 30 years developing websites.
  • Award-winning, quality websites that deliver.
Bring in more patients in less time with a full-funnel engagement approach. We offer a 100% unique, end-to-end marketing and sales program for medical practices that are looking to elevate their practice to new levels of profitability and productivity.
The first time most patients will interact with your business and your providers is through your website. This is a tool that you’ll use to introduce yourself, gain trust, earn business, educate patients, and provide ongoing resources to encourage continuation of care.
Are you ready for a website that works as hard as you do? Hire an agency with the experience you need to get your medical practice website, healthcare website, or B2B website done right.
Our team has been planning, designing & developing strategic websites built for optimal lead conversions for over 30 years. They’re lightning-fast, strategically planned, developed the right way, and become instrumental in growing our client’s businesses.
While we love the accolades, we receive from the medical and creative communities for our web development work, we take the most pride in creating websites that prove to have a tangible impact on our clients’ growth goals.

Custom Landing Pages

Custom Landing Pages

Get great results faster with custom-designed landing pages for your ad campaigns. There’s no need to take on a full website redesign project or upset your IT team by making changes to your existing website. We use our extensive knowledge of ad quality scoring and conversion rate optimization to A/B test our way to killer ROI.

Track Your Results

Track Your Results

With Klosable dashboards, you have the results of your paid media campaigns at your fingertips, day or night. While you always have full access to all of your ad accounts, we provide you with a real-time dashboard with aggregate performance data shown over time, so you’ll always know your ROI.

A Systematic Approach to building your patient acquisition pipeline x

When you sign up for inbound marketing with Klosable, you get strategic planning and full set up for campaigns to drive traffic, generate leads, and convert into patients. Plus, in-depth reporting and analysis. It’s a patient-generating engine that can quickly become the foundation of your business model. 

  • Citation Management & Local SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Print/Traditional Advertising

What is Inbound Marketing for Healthcare? x

Here at Klosable, we’re not fans of buzz words or industry jargon used to confuse the unsuspecting. (When was the last time you heard “synergy” and didn’t want to run the other way?) It would be easy to deem inbound marketing as another one of these industry phrases that will run its course over the next few years. 

But inbound marketing is more than a mouthful of vernacular to get you to cough up cash in the name of the vanity metrics and hashtags. It’s a proven strategy that outperforms traditional (interruptive) marketing every time. 

So what is it? 

The best part? Unlike traditional advertising, inbound marketing has a compounding effect on your return on investment. Start your assessment today with a free consultation.

Getting Started with Inbound Marketing For Your Medical Practice for Healthcare x

More words do not equal more blog readers. More posts on Facebook do not equate to more followers. More email campaigns do not mean more patients.

We know that a slew of hasty actions does not hit revenue goals. That’s why we spend time on the things that actually matter, like your inbound marketing strategy.

With Inbound Marketing
the Patient is in control x

It’s getting harder and harder for healthcare businesses to reach potential patients using traditional efforts like print advertising, TV, or radio. These methods are now perceived as obtrusive, and sometimes even dishonest, simply because they are showing up in mailboxes uninvited. Never mind the fact that traditional channels like print, radio, and TV are expensive and time-consuming..

The inbound marketing strategies our team of medical marketing experts create are custom to your business. Getting started with inbound marketing begins with an assessment of your current website, internal capabilities, and existing marketing efforts — all at no cost to you. You can start your assessment today with a free consultation or learn more about our process. 

Take Advantage of the Newest Strategies x

Get an edge on the competition by using new strategies to increase conversion rates and find more qualified leads. Our team has dozens of certifications from the top ad platforms that we use every day to bring in qualified patients to our clients, but nothing replaces the experience we have in managing media for healthcare B2B and medical practices.