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Industry Structure

Financial Enhancement

Klosable Digital Marketing places a major emphasis on strength, versatility and viability with all finance-driven projects, given the lightning-fast changes that occur in today's market. As such, we're perpetually ready for any and all fundamental changes within the industry. Our classically trained group of renowned consultants are strategically located in bustling financial centers around the world.

Given our spectrum of expertise with intellectual property assets, organizational strategies, peer-to-peer product positioning, leadership development and global financial markets, the marketing-execution process at Klosable promises to be efficient and energizing to the participating client.

Technology Marketing

In this flourishing economy, forward-thinking companies are confidently jumping into the groundbreaking advances associated with data-driven analytics and machine-learning capabilities; and like the financial realm, Klosable Digital Marketing, through its vast network of knowledgeable contacts and top-level decision-makers, has the resources and expediency to place their clients into imminent discussions with leaders of this highly evolving field, which seemingly has no limits on the creative end.


Data Driven Analytics


Machine Learning Capabilities


Forward Thinking Processes
Industry Structure
Educational Enhancement
Klosable Digital Marketing and its partner sites have poured a lot of resources into higher education in recent years, aggressively identifying, recruiting and on-boarding academic leaders for some of the country's most prestigious universities and private colleges.

Within this process, Klosable lives by the daily code of cultivating esteemed relationships with school presidents, chancellors, vice presidents, provosts, deans and other director positions throughout the country.

On a secondary front, we've been continually perfecting various models for conveying organizational messages, with the dual purpose of unifying keynote speeches and reaching mass audiences connected to the school.

Health Care Initiatives

The constant changes surrounding the health care industry can evoke fears of an unknown future, namely public-private regulations, rising prescription-medicine costs, the consolidation of coordinated care and garnering consistent access to the right medical personnel, while also confronting the crucial issue of accommodating an aging population that's living longer and healthier lives. Klosable's all-encompassing consortium of medical experts and consultants can help participating clients weather these changes on the fly, with the utmost discretion.

Travel Nurse Marketing

This industry has flourished in recent years, stealthily overcoming the challenges of volume staffing, high turnover rate and serving rural or less populated areas.

Klosable Digital Marketing's legion of accomplished travel nurses can handle any staffing shortage, most of which involve sudden changes among hospital workers — including maternity leave, personal leave of absence or debilitating injury; and in most cases, Klosable travel nurses would have input in determining their daily/weekly schedules with each hospital.

What separates us from the competition, regarding this lucrative and rewarding realm of medical care? Our logistical experiences and analytical databases of available personnel have no peer in this industry.

Performance Tools

Klosable Digital Marketing has developed numerous pay-for-performance models for its valued clients, conveying innovative methods of driving productivity, eliminating unintended consequences with standard workflow and ensuring a robust linkage between results and timely reward programs.

  • This type of performance management, backed up by analytical research data, should serve as a template for businesses of all size and structure.
  • Traditional evaluation models reward individual achievement as the result of collaboration and teamwork.
  • This process certainly has its advantages and benefits. However, it can also be a fixed mindset, an archaic approach which doesn't adequately account for the many changes of the digital world.
Klosable Digital Marketing
Industry Structure