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There are plenty of SEO and web design agencies, but very few that really know legal marketing. That’s where we come in. We’re a full-service attorney web design and internet marketing agency that works with law firms. We staff some of the brightest minds in the business, and it shows.


Unlike other legal marketing firms, we’re a small operation that offers our clients the service and attention they deserve. When you work with Klosable, you’ll never have to deal with complicated phone systems, ill-trained account managers, or annoying sales jargon. We believe in transparency, results, and a superior product you’ll be proud of.


When working with Klosable, you’ll never have to worry about different levels of service, silly upcharges, or bait-and-switch schemes. Every part of your website, marketing campaign, and deliverables will receive the best quality service and deliverables available. Simply put, if it’s not something our clients will be proud of, we’re not doing it. Our reputation is everything to us

We’re around today because of our reputation, not our advertising budget x

REPUTATION is everything to us

Klosable Digital Marketing is not a corporate law firm marketing agency, on purpose

We know there’s no shortage of law firm marketing agencies around. We designed Elite Legal Marketing to be a better experience for attorneys who take their marketing seriously, eliminating the annoying problems that lawyers commonly experience while working with other agencies. Here are 3 things, that we believe, set us apart from the other lawyer marketing firms out there.


Our clients are never locked into lengthy contracts. Why? Because we do great work, and our clients stick around. It’s as simple as that.


What is your marketing company really doing for you? Most can’t answer that question. Here at Klosable, you’ll get a monthly report with deliverables and progress as well as access to a real time dashboard 24/7. If you have a question, we’ll answer it, in a way you can understand.


It may sound cheesy, but we take a lot of pride in the product we put out. We receive a lot of referrals from clients who are thrilled with the work we’ve done for them. That’s extremely important to us. If we take the project, it will be brilliant.

We believe in transparency, results, and a superior product you'll be proud of.