Health Care

The Klosable Consortium of Medical Experts

The constant changes surrounding the health care industry can evoke fears of an unknown future, namely public-private regulations, rising prescription-medicine costs, the consolidation of coordinated care and garnering consistent access to the right medical personnel, while also confronting the crucial issue of accommodating an aging population that's leading longer and healthier lives.

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  • SupplyingSurgeons
  • PlacingDoctors
  • SourcingNurses
  • MeetingEmergency Room Staff

Health Care


Klosable Digital Marketing has the requisite tools and know-how to handle each dentistry client's evolving niche-marketing needs, in terms of reaching/expanding core audiences, relaying timely subject matter, implementing popular keywords / buzzwords used to drive traffic throughout various points of the day and executing a checklist with a consistent scheduling model — namely practice management software, localized SEO, Google PPC, 'oogle Display ads, Facebook advertising/social media management, email marketing, Web design and content creation.

Bottom line: Klosable will help your business carve out a multi-tiered community niche in any competitive environment; and from an analytics standpoint, we're continually drawn to the origin, timing, urgency and purpose of every local search.

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  • ManagementPractice Management System
  • designWebsite design and development
  • Local SEOLocal SEO
  • ReputationReputation management
  • Social Media Social Media management
  • Social media Social media marketing
  • SEOSearch engine marketing
  • Campaigns Target email campaigns


Klosable Digital Marketing has partnerships/strong relationships with premier golf courses throughout the United States...

What makes for a signature golf course, from the Klosable perspective?

For starters, we target popular courses which appeal to professionals and prominent amateurs, spotlighting the cool and unique layouts that value strategic iron play, crisp shot-making, proper angles and leveraging the most optimum spots along the greens. Secondly, we're intrigued with courses that provide long-lasting memories to mass audiences, through functional shot-making or the requisite beauty of a particular layout — natural topography, bunker renovations or innovative water placements at various holes.

Last but not least, no marketing campaign would be complete without an exciting virtual tour of the main clubhouse, practice facilities, golf shop and restaurant — the front-door presentation, or first impression, of every renowned course in America.

Bottom line: You'll be amazed with Klosable's commitment to the golfing world in the coming months and years, as we take contests involving the typical weekend warrior to unprecedented levels.

Golf Course Targeting

Appeals to professionals and prominent amateurs

Exceptional Courses = Exceptional Audiences

Provide long-lasting memories to mass audiences, through functional shot-making

Virtual Tour Design

Full interactive breakthrough of the grounds and facility

Legal Marketing

Klosable invokes a two-pronged approach to legal marketing

From a team perspective, Klosable has the experience, expertise and overall clout to represent reputable law firms as a single entity, providing marketing, media and advisory services to companies in search of brand enhancement, specialty promotion or bringing prominence to a specific case, thus appealing to a regional or national audience.

From an issue-oriented standpoint, Klosable's unique boutique structure allows us to convey legal-themed messaging in creative ways (influence marketing, video production, social media mastery, accessing high-profile lawyers for unified press conferences, etc.), while also utilizing our top-notch team of experienced negotiators, expert researchers, embedded analysts, connected legal scholars and plugged-in consultants. You can never put a price on effective legal representation; and Klosable has the resources and influence to connect our clients with some of the best and brightest legal minds — in relatively short order.

E-commerce & Online Store Design

Klosable Digital Marketing has the goods to compete in the highly competitive world of E-commerce engagement

Our time-tested tactics for inbound marketing and brand enhancement have a history of ramping up Online purchases for valued clientele, at reasonable cost to that business.

What's more, we always prefer substance over style, but also acknowledge the importance of creating aesthetically pleasing marketing materials for the prospective customers, contractors, publishers, brand-creators and decision-makers of the Online-retail universe.

Hence, the need for developing airtight social-media/advertising campaigns for every form of product differentiation. In the E-commerce realm, there's no glory in pitching one-size-fits-all narratives.

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Klosable Digital Marketing spares no effort or resource with its non-profit commitments

These projects often serve a reputation-enhancing or community-building purpose, meaning the demand for clear, concise, colorful and eminently correct messaging shall remain a high priority. Most non-profit projects involve a combination of event marketing, brand recognition and successful fundraising; and from an intangible standpoint, the opportunities for peer mentoring will be plentiful.

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Klosable Digital Marketing has the advanced tools to help customers make crucial distinctions with home/business construction assignments


The relevant fields of service include: Flooring, roofing, solar panels, architectural design, interior design, HVAC alterations, home improvement, home building and seamless electrical work throughout the complex. Take the hypothetical example of adding an extra bedroom to an existing house structure: The competing construction companies must possess certifiable acumen with project bidding, materials acquisition, staff scheduling, sub-contractor hires and property-zone re-classifications, among other duties. Tent-pole components that require ingenuity, charisma, passion, patience and other special skills. Klosable has solid leads to construction experts throughout America, isolating primary searches to the local/state region, service record and budgetary constraints. We also have the means for thinking on a grander scale, when certain projects dictate larger spheres of influence.

At the core of everything, Klosable exhibits a cool knack for attaching each customer to the right construction service, while always factoring in price, convenience and project flexibility. On the flip side, we work closely with construction entities, big and small, to create the most effective marketing strategies for groups or individuals.

The universal rationale here:

  • Can the marketers effectively sell the uniqueness and expertise of Company A in relatively short order?  
  • How many projects should be featured on a particular site?
  • Can video initiatives be found with every successful partnership?

The keys to success: Relying on proven tactics with social media and target marketing, thus compiling a community-based customer database that's second to none.


Klosable Digital Marketing offers a vast network of plugged-in wedding consultants and planning experts

It takes experience, persistence and planning to operate in the high-stakes world of bridal and wedding marketing, as couples in every corner of the globe celebrate their greatest day ... under the watchful (and perhaps judgmental) eyes of cherished friends and family. These experiences, albeit stressful at times, typically produce once-in-a-lifetime memories for all parties; and Klosable Digital Marketing offers a vast network of plugged-in wedding consultants and planning experts, all of whom have supervised weddings of every size and budget. Our team of marketing and logistical marvels will be there every step of the way for the bridal and wedding party, working through prominent issues such as: Dress acquisitions, wedding-party functions, food/drink purchasing, entertainment selection, reception planning and even honeymoon options.

Plus, we'll help our valued clients work through the sometimes-painful process of separating positive vendor reviews ... from ones which tangibly lack substance.


As more American states approve the legalized selling of marijuana-themed products, the demand for efficient business and marketing practices becomes greater, as well.

Klosable works closely with CBD marketing groups, providing timely information about investor presentations, product enhancement/viability, focus groups, security detail and dealing with retail brokers of varying size.

It's a complicated process, for sure, but also made easier when the clients are consistently offered definitive nuggets about evolving market trends, industry connections and distribution channels — the lifeblood components of any successful CBD venture.