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Looking to optimize your Return on Ad Spend quotients?

Are you looking to optimize your Return On Ad Spend quotient in a short period of time? Paid searches are nearly 80 percent more effective when paired with Facebook advertising campaigns, compared to standalone searches.

For dynamic companies like Klosable, this enhanced exposure has contributed to an 8-percent yield bump with Click Through Rate (CTR).

With Facebook ads, the Cost Per Click rate provides plenty of bang for buck, at a tidy price of less than 15 cents per click — putting Klosable among the industry leaders with CPC optimization. The primary message: There has never been a better time to cultivate customers and build relationships through Facebook advertising services; and Klosable has the insight, acumen and creativity to maximize customer impact within this process..

Through a combination of organic and paid media, monitoring and reporting, and an overarching emphasis on tying your social media and PPC marketing to your brand, we have a proven track record in creating successful new avenues and platforms to extend your reach.

Creating a solid social media and PPC campaign requires a holistic approach.