At Klosable, we're all about creating easy-to-navigate sites full of color, definitive images, clear messaging and concise information.


A Digital Marketing  studio creating  beautiful experiences

Klosable Digital Marketing has little interest in creating bland-looking, boilerplate Web sites for its exclusive clientele.

Just like the uniqueness of snowflakes in the wintertime, no two sites should purposely bear the same look — even for companies that fall under the same corporate umbrella.

Creative & Unique Designs  
web / Digital Core

LAt Klosable, we're all about creating easy-to-navigate sites full of color, definitive images, clear messaging and concise information.

Crush the Competition
Web / Digital Core

it becomes a heightened quest to distinguish this company or product from every imaginable competitor.

Game Changing Projects
Web / Digital Core

We create a game-changing mold for every valued client

Striving for Perfection
Web / Digital Core

Start fresh with bold new concepts for the next customer.

Email  Marketing

The days of sending generic, incomplete messages to numerous lists of email recipients, just for the sake of doing so, have quickly become extinct. Look no further than how the 2020 political campaigns have unwittingly placed a spotlight on the importance, and potential pratfalls, of email marketing.

Effective Researcing Methods

The forward-thinking campaigns have a firm grasp of their target audiences' geographic locations, donation history, etc., through analytics, audience testing and other effective research methods.

Accurate Listing Criticals

On the flip side, a number of fleeting campaigns have exhibited a lack of execution with simple details, namely the correct listing of a person's name or address, their voting preferences or penchant for delivering consistent messaging on a daily/weekly level.

Strategic Dissemination

The same holds true for other American businesses: Very few things hold greater power than creative, useful and eminently correct information being strategically disseminated to mass audiences; and Klosable Digital Marketing has the resource tools to ensure timely execution of this process.

Coherent Messaging

After all, when the average person receives roughly 50 emails a day from businesses (some unknown), the first wave of retention typically involves the mailings with colorful, accurate and coherent messaging.

Search Engine Optimization

There was a time, perhaps a decade ago, when effective SEO tactics were protected with a shroud of secrecy. In the present, though, even the most novice of Web consumers possess a baseline understanding of what makes for attractive SEO copy, overseeing a checklist that entails a consistent scheduling model, timely subject matter and popular keywords/buzzwords used to drive traffic throughout various points of the day.

Klosable Digital Marketing has the requisite know-how to handle each client's evolving SEO needs, in terms of reaching and expanding core audiences.

Optimizing Shared content

Optimizing 'shared' content, enhancing key adwords with title tags,

Strategic Linking

linking out to authority sites, providing seamless transitions to multiple-page documents, updating old blog posts, spotlighting new ones

Content Rich Compliance

Satisfying per-story word counts, adding images and graphs

Keyword Optimization

Embedding keywords in title tags and breaking down the best/worst aspects of a competitor's Web site.

Localized SEO



This underrated component of modern-day marketing entails the local promotion of prominent or up-and-coming businesses, using optimization tactics to best serve a community's needs. It also provides greater understanding of a particular field's competition within a localized radius, accessing the most beneficial keywords, images, graphs and shared content to help companies succeed. Simply put, Klosable Digital Marketing will help your business carve out a community niche in any competitive environment.

From an analytics standpoint, we're continually fascinated with the origin, timing, urgency and purpose of every local search.




User Experience / User Interface

The Klosable team has the creative and technological clout to create Web sites which are aesthetically pleasing/functionally diverse on the front and constructed with a rock-solid foundation on the back end.

As part of that, we have the proper tools to implement clean and efficient mapping strategies for each site, in terms of tracking the UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) components.

This type of next-level connectivity allows our valued customers to pour more resources into certain products and projects, knowing the foundation of the Web site or app can accommodate these potentially massive (and lucrative) changes, relative to engagement and revenue enhancement.